Week 5 – On The platform

I actually composed this picture in my head as I walked by. I made myself walk back and shoot it. I’m glad I did.
Kodak Portra 400 Shot at iso 800 (1 Stop push) Developed in a three bath press kit. Week 5 of my 52 Film project. I’m trying to shoot develop and post at least one picture a week using “some kind” of film camera.
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On The Plarform

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Week 4: Draggin’ The shutter

Dragging the Shutter

Polaroid 440 Land Camera. Fuji FP-100C Instant film. Vivitar 252 flash. Little camera shake after the flash fired and before the shutter closed.

I picked up this camera from the guys at Film Photography Project. Be sure to check them out!

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It’s soo Easy … How to Develop Black & White Film

I think that if most people knew how easy it was to develop their own black and white film more people would be enjoying it. Below is one of the BEST videos I’ve seen on the subject and the very one that renewed my interest in film three or four years ago. This originally appeared on a blog called “Pro Photo Life”

Chemistry for Black and white developing is cheap and has a long shelf life.

It is so much fun and very rewarding. If you’re interested I HIGHLY suggest you try it out. I’d be happy to answer any questions if you post them below or send them to askLarry@larryleone.com

I’ll post a suggested shopping list in a later post. Enjoy the video 🙂

PS Here is a linkto Jim’s original blog post on the subject.

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Week – 3 : Curiosity

38th Street

One of the things I love about NYC is that you can walk ten feet and find yourself in a different century. This is on 38th street between 8th and 9th Ave. I may have to go inside next time 🙂
Part of my 52 film project. I’m trying to develop and post at least one film image a week for 2012.

Kodak Portra 400
Yashicamat 124g
Developed in three bath presskit
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Week 2 – Concrete

Since I posted the Polaroid on Jan 1st, I decided I’m going to try to post at least one Film image per week for 2012. Lets call it the “52 Film Project.” This was shot on 37th Street Between 8th and 9th in NYC with a Yashicamat 124g on Kodak Ektar 100. Processed in a “Tetenal” 3 bath C-41 press kit.

I want to thank the guys over at Film Photography Project for the motivation to start shooting film again. Be sure to check out their site and podcast.


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Great Video on Analog Photography

Just saw this online and thought it would be great to share. 🙂

Film: Not Dead Yet!

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I’m in love!!!

Not only with my beautiful Wife (pictured) But With my new Polaroid 440 Land Camera.
First 440 pic

I love the fact that the Fuji Film for this camera is not only readily available but inexpensive. They also produce a scan-able negative. The picture of my daughter trying to stay up past midnight on New Year’s eve (below – left) was taken on fuji f-3000b Black and white film, Scanned in a flatbed scanner and then inverted to a positive image in photoshop. The negative loses some contrast but its nothing that a little tweak can’t fix.

My daughter trying to make it till midnight.

I bought my 440 “Hollywood Dog” camera from the SUPER AWESOME and incredibly helpful Mike Raso of the “Film Photography Project” http://filmphotographyproject.com/

If you’re at all interested in film photography (even the slightest bit) you have to check out their site. They have a ton of videos, tutorials, and the internet radio podcast.

This is SUCH a fun camera and I’m sure I’ll be shooting much more instant film in 2012.

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