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YashicaMat TLR

here is one from the Yashicamat. I’ll get this blog organized yet. 🙂 Advertisements


I Moved this one over from my other blog Ok, so I picked up a Holga yesterday. (for those of you unfamiliar just google it and you’ll get AMPLE results) I can see why people absolutely love these cameras. I made these three frames walking to the train yesterday. Thanx for looking.

Diana F+

I bought a “Diana F+” yesterday during lunch. I’m lovin’ these cheap plastic cameras!

Some More Film Scans

Dare I utter the word? FILM. 🙂 hahhaha Well, I missed developing film so I decided to shoot some. Then I went nuts and bought a Yashica mat TLR and a Mamiya RB67(both Medium format) neither of which I shot yet. This was taken on Ilford Hp5 ISO400 with a Canon EOS elan IIe (35mm) […]