BlackBird Fly – First shots and C-41 processing :-)

Before I get into the camera let me just say if I knew how easy it was to do my own color (c-41) processing I probably wouldn’t have done any black and white. It is Super Easy and if any of you haven’t tried It I suggest you do. see above link for some quick instructions.

I picked up a Blackbird fly yesterday and ran a roll of Fujicolor pro 400H through it. I LOVE this Camera! not only is it a TLR that takes 35mm film, but it is a lot smaller than my yashicamat and light as a feather. I still have to work on the focus though. It is basically guess work and less forgiving than say my Holga or Diana. The view finder is smaller than my Yashicamat and takes a little getting used to. But it is very bright and I’m already finding it easier to compose images.

As far as the fun factor for a toy camera goes; this is my new favorite. Now that I have this and know I can do c-41 processing on my own I’ll be shooting a lot with this camera.

Here are a few sample files. Again I have to get used to the focus but not bad for a first attempt 🙂


2 comments on “BlackBird Fly – First shots and C-41 processing :-)

  1. Great pictures

  2. Thanx so much! 🙂

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