Black and white

It’s soo Easy … How to Develop Black & White Film

I think that if most people knew how easy it was to develop their own black and white film more people would be enjoying it. Below is one of the BEST videos I’ve seen on the subject and the very one that renewed my interest in film three or four years ago. This originally appeared […]

Great Video on Analog Photography

Just saw this online and thought it would be great to share. 🙂 Film: Not Dead Yet!

I’m in love!!!

Not only with my beautiful Wife (pictured) But With my new Polaroid 440 Land Camera. I love the fact that the Fuji Film for this camera is not only readily available but inexpensive. They also produce a scan-able negative. The picture of my daughter trying to stay up past midnight on New Year’s eve (below […]

More Pinhole fun

This is a really cool old tree in the park by me. 20sec exposure at f/293. taken for World wide pin hole photography day. Thanx for looking , Larry

Today is the Day!

Go Out and Shoot

Worldwide Pinhole Camera Day

Ok, so tomorrow is worldwide pinhole camera day. Of course I got started early. Here are a few I shot with my Zero Image 6×9. These were 30 second exposures on Delta 120 iso400 film. If you guys want to participate you can read more about worldwide pinhole camera day here and you can print […]

Spring & the TLR :-)

Had the TLR out this weekend. I really forgot how much I enjoyed shooting with it. Here are a couple of the girls 🙂 The first Drive of Spring. Saturday Morning Breakfast Thanx for looking, Larry