It’s soo Easy … How to Develop Black & White Film

I think that if most people knew how easy it was to develop their own black and white film more people would be enjoying it. Below is one of the BEST videos I’ve seen on the subject and the very one that renewed my interest in film three or four years ago. This originally appeared […]

Thanks to Four Corners Dark..

Just wanted to say Thanks to Nic Nichols over at Four Corners dark for posting one of my Pinhole Images in his readers gallery. CLICK HERE TO VIEW

Kung Fu Rachel

I’m almost sorry she went to Kung Fu and Aikido with me as a baby. I’m kinda glad she never got to hang around the MMA gym 🙂

YashicaMat TLR

here is one from the Yashicamat. I’ll get this blog organized yet. 🙂