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Week 5 – On The platform

I actually composed this picture in my head as I walked by. I made myself walk back and shoot it. I’m glad I did. Kodak Portra 400 Shot at iso 800 (1 Stop push) Developed in a three bath press kit. Week 5 of my 52 Film project. I’m trying to shoot develop and post […]

Week 2 – Concrete

Since I posted the Polaroid on Jan 1st, I decided I’m going to try to post at least one Film image per week for 2012. Lets call it the “52 Film Project.” This was shot on 37th Street Between 8th and 9th in NYC with a Yashicamat 124g on Kodak Ektar 100. Processed in a […]

35mm mod in Holga

Used some packing foam and gaffer’s tape to run some 35mm through my 120mm holga. Results are a little better this time 🙂

Some More Film Scans

Dare I utter the word? FILM. 🙂 hahhaha Well, I missed developing film so I decided to shoot some. Then I went nuts and bought a Yashica mat TLR and a Mamiya RB67(both Medium format) neither of which I shot yet. This was taken on Ilford Hp5 ISO400 with a Canon EOS elan IIe (35mm) […]