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It’s soo Easy … How to Develop Black & White Film

I think that if most people knew how easy it was to develop their own black and white film more people would be enjoying it. Below is one of the BEST videos I’ve seen on the subject and the very one that renewed my interest in film three or four years ago. This originally appeared […]

Snow Day

Shot with a Diana F+ on Kodak 400VC

Pinhole Photography

I took my pinhole camera out to play this weekend. These were all at around f/ 192 with a 4 – 6 second exposure. Shot on Fuji Neopan iso 400 (120)

Waiting for Halloween

I hope they always get along this well!

My girls before bed. Shot with the Diana F+ Playing in their pup tent


I Moved this one over from my other blog Ok, so I picked up a Holga yesterday. (for those of you unfamiliar just google it and you’ll get AMPLE results) I can see why people absolutely love these cameras. I made these three frames walking to the train yesterday. Thanx for looking.

Diana F+

I bought a “Diana F+” yesterday during lunch. I’m lovin’ these cheap plastic cameras!